• Manas National Park

    Located in the Himalayan Mountains in western Assam bhabararea is originally Manas is a nature reserve since 1928 and have a Tiger Reserve in 1974 as a World Heritage Site in 1985, a biosphere reserve in 1989. If she declares as a national park in 1990 with an area of ​​500 square kilometers. and the core of the area of ​​2600 square kilometers. of Ripu Chirang Elephant Reserve. The park houses more than 20 endangered species and is known for its unique landscape known. There is also an important bird area. White Winged Wood Duck was recently in the park

    What do you expect to see:

    Mammals: rhino, elephant, tiger, pygmy hog, rabbit hispid Assamese Golden langurs, macaques, rhesus monkeys, leopard, golden cat, Clouded Leopard, Fishing Cat, Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Great Indian civet, the small Indian Common palm civet civet Toddy or cat, Himalayan palm civet, binturong, Common Mongoose, Small Indian mongoose, Himalayan black bear, sloth bear, gaur, water buffalo, sambar, hog deer, barking deer, swamp deer, wild boar, etc..
    Getting there: LLG Guwahati airport is 145 km. and Barpeta Road Station is located 20 km. from.

    Where to stay: The Bansbari Lodge (91 361 Contact Tel 2602223/2602186, 91 99 542 05 360, E-mail: assambengal@rediffmail.com) Blue Hills Resort (Contact Manager, Blue Hills Travel, Palianbazar – Guwahati, Tel – 91361 2543059/2547911), Forest Rest Houses at Bansbari and Mathanguri (Contact Director or Deputy Director, Manas Tiger Reserve) Cottages at Kokilabari (contact -Secretary/President apparently Kokilabari). There are many hotels in Barpeta Road Town, which is 20 km. away from Bansbari.

    Anyone for a visit please contact: Field Director, Manas Tiger Reserve, Barpeta Road, -781 315, Tel – 03666-261413 (0) 260 288 (R) 260 289 (Control Room), Fax: 03666-261413 E-mail : abhijitrabha@hotmail.com, Dy. Field Director, Manas Tiger Reserve, Barpeta Road, -781 315, Tel – 03666-260289 (Control Room), 260 338 (R) Web site: www.manasassam.org

    Best season to visit: November-April ..

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